21:36:54: Package picked up by Nicholas Jusino
21:36:55: Someone once told @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) the best way to handle this job is like it's personal.  Not business.  @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) got one over on @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) once before.  So definitely, for @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco), that advice hits close to the chest.  No guns.  Not this time.  @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) stakes out the area.  Hides in the shadows.  @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) see's @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) running hurriedly down the street.  @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) takes one last look at the triple barrel sawed-off shotgun in their sling.  Certainly safer.  No.  It's time for revenge.  @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) ducks out of the corner, an electrically charged knife in a firm grip.  @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) doesn't even skip a beat, slicing downward with a chainsaw that @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) did not see before.  @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) takes a long horrified look at their severed limb on the ground, still clutching the knife, and then once more up to see @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) escaping with the package still in tow far down the road.  Don't worry.  The Intergalactic Postal Service has excellent health coverage for limb replacement.
22:05:24: @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson) is impaled on a lengthy spear with a laser tip by @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) after a failed package theft attempt.  @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) resumes on their way.
22:33:35: @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) was running at break-neck speed and rounded a blind corner, stumbling upon a laser trip mine placed by @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy).  Luckily, @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) vaulted over it, only severing one foot.  @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) resumes delivery with package in tow, albeit slightly hobbling.
22:33:57: @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) does not normally mourn death.  @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) is accustomed to the loss of those they meet, in one capacity or another.  But that last death.  A split second of @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) thinking about it meant they were a split second too late on the trigger as @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) emerged from the parking garage, package in tow.  The shot missed.  @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) dove, taking a shot mid-air.  @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) was not thinking about human connection, unlike @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy).  This is arguably why @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) was shot in the gut.  @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino) resumes their delivery, package in tow.
22:34:16: @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy)'s ship fires two nuclear torpedos into @peepso_user_403(Nicholas Jusino)'s ship, instantly incinerating it.  The package is snagged by a lengthy magnetic tow cable.  "Parcel transferred."
22:37:00: Package delivered by Shadowrabbit Clayguy for $100,000