03:04:25: Package picked up by Sable Nyx (Shayla225)
03:04:26: Blaylock Samson (npc1) steadily took aim from a second story window as Sable Nyx (Shayla225) ran by below.  Sweat dotting their forehead, Blaylock Samson (npc1) inhaled sharply and squeezed the trigger.  It was a miss.  Sable Nyx (Shayla225) resumes delivery, trying to ignore the echoing rifle shot and fragments of wall exploding just overhead.
08:09:15: Sable Nyx (Shayla225) was running at break-neck speed and rounded a blind corner, stumbling upon a laser trip mine placed by Leroy Palestine (leroypalestine).  Luckily, Sable Nyx (Shayla225) vaulted over it, only severing one foot.  Sable Nyx (Shayla225) resumes delivery with package in tow, albeit slightly hobbling.
08:09:24: Sable Nyx (Shayla225) took a shortcut due to a fake sign placed by Leroy Palestine (leroypalestine), tripping over a portable road spike, and then landing in a field of Guruvian Nesters, an exotic species known for their sexual appetite.  Leroy Palestine (leroypalestine) currently has the package.
11:04:36: Package delivered by Leroy Palestine for $60,000