23:36:11: Package picked up by Calto Fremis
23:36:12: @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson) is impaled on a lengthy spear with a laser tip by @peepso_user_25(Calto Fremis) after a failed package theft attempt.  @peepso_user_25(Calto Fremis) resumes on their way.
00:16:57: The smell of @peepso_user_25(Calto Fremis)'s completely immolated ship flares up @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo)'s nostrils as a tow cable yanks the package from the flaming wreck.  "Parcel transferred" emit's from @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo)'s bracelet, signaling more credits to be made.  @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo) continues towards the delivery point, package in tow.
00:29:32: @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo) has managed to somehow evade theft of the package thus far.  @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo) is feeling good.  DAMN good.  Unfortunately that feeling is momentarily suspended as a shot rings out, severing a cable holding up a net full of 700 pounds of refuse with a sign that has "Eat My Fuck - Cheers, @peepso_user_25(Calto Fremis)" scrawled on it in pink paint.  @peepso_user_25(Calto Fremis) picks up the package which lies next to the mangled limbs of @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo).  Fuck eaten.  Good job, @peepso_user_25(Calto Fremis).  "Parcel Transferred."  You have the package.  Now get that sucker to the finish line.
00:36:19: Package delivered by Calto Fremis for $60,000