23:46:27: Package picked up by O.D. Bodkins
23:46:28: @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) was running at break-neck speed and rounded a blind corner, stumbling upon a laser trip mine placed by @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco).  Luckily, @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) vaulted over it, only severing one foot.  @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) resumes delivery with package in tow, albeit slightly hobbling.
00:07:01: There are automatic rifles and there are these.  The GZNKA tank killer is surprisingly light as @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) hefts it on their shoulder.  The rounds are known to puncture holes two feet wide through heavy ship armor, and are held in a backpack and fed via sling.  It is this reason alone that @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) has used it, targeting @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins)'s ship as it races across the horizon.  However, @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins)'s ship is not only retrofitted with two meter thick armor, but also an electronic shielding system.  @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy)'s rounds do find their way through the shields, but only make it one foot into the armor.  @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) dips their ship, skirting past @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) and giving them third degree thruster burns across half of their body.
00:07:10: The delivery point only has one way in, about a hundred yards away from a gated entry.  @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) has taken the precaution of wrapping that entire entry-way with barbed wire.  The only issue with barbed wire in this day and age is that once spotted, it can be avoided.  @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) ignites their rocket boots, attempting to vault over the death trap.  @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) almost makes it, but is caught on their ankles, immediately becoming a tangled bloody mess in @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy)'s trap. Frantic, @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) activates their shield generator which creates a kinetic field of energy around their body, and it successfully severs most of the barbed wire.  Limping, @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) hustles towards the remainder of the delivery path, lobbing grenades over their shoulder.  As @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) manically runs after @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) firing rounds in their direction, they are caught in one of @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins)'s grenades, losing a leg.  @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) continues, hobbling, towards the delivery point.
00:07:16: @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) has managed to somehow evade theft of the package thus far.  @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins) is feeling good.  DAMN good.  Unfortunately that feeling is momentarily suspended as a shot rings out, severing a cable holding up a net full of 700 pounds of refuse with a sign that has "Eat My Fuck - Cheers, @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy)" scrawled on it in pink paint.  @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) picks up the package which lies next to the mangled limbs of @peepso_user_221(O.D. Bodkins).  Fuck eaten.  Good job, @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy).  "Parcel Transferred."  You have the package.  Now get that sucker to the finish line.
00:46:49: Package delivered by Shadowrabbit Clayguy for $80,000