05:16:41: Package picked up by Bacon Moo
05:16:42: @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson) steadily took aim from a second story window as @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo) ran by below.  Sweat dotting their forehead, @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson) inhaled sharply and squeezed the trigger.  It was a miss.  @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo) resumes delivery, trying to ignore the echoing rifle shot and fragments of wall exploding just overhead.
06:00:39: @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson) misses their double-fisted pistol shots.   A sad attempt involving a total of 24 rounds fired at @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo).  @peepso_user_118(Bacon Moo) resumes delivery of their package.
06:17:19: Package delivered by Bacon Moo for $40,000