21:20:24: Package picked up by Toe Cutter
21:20:25: Ignoracious Buttafucco tried to sneak on board Toe Cutter's ship but a security robot detected and repelled the attempt.  Toe Cutter continues their delivery.
22:00:20: There are automatic rifles and there are these.  The GZNKA tank killer is surprisingly light as Mac Nielson hefts it on their shoulder.  The rounds are known to puncture holes two feet wide through heavy ship armor, and are held in a backpack and fed via sling.  It is this reason alone that Mac Nielson has used it, targeting Toe Cutter's ship as it races across the horizon.  However, Toe Cutter's ship is not only retrofitted with two meter thick armor, but also an electronic shielding system.  Mac Nielson's rounds do find their way through the shields, but only make it one foot into the armor.  Toe Cutter dips their ship, skirting past Mac Nielson and giving them third degree thruster burns across half of their body.
22:20:58: Package delivered by Toe Cutter for $40,000