18:55:30: Package picked up by Mercer Pompadour
18:55:31: @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour) was running at break-neck speed and rounded a blind corner, stumbling upon a laser trip mine placed by @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson).  Luckily, @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour) vaulted over it, only severing one foot.  @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour) resumes delivery with package in tow, albeit slightly hobbling.
19:00:26: There are automatic rifles and there are these.  The GZNKA tank killer is surprisingly light as @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson) hefts it on their shoulder.  The rounds are known to puncture holes two feet wide through heavy ship armor, and are held in a backpack and fed via sling.  It is this reason alone that @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson) has used it, targeting @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour)'s ship as it races across the horizon.  However, @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour)'s ship is not only retrofitted with two meter thick armor, but also an electronic shielding system.  @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson)'s rounds do find their way through the shields, but only make it one foot into the armor.  @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour) dips their ship, skirting past @peepso_user_7(Blaylock Samson) and giving them third degree thruster burns across half of their body.
19:27:43: Someone once told @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen) the best way to handle this job is like it's personal.  Not business.  @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour) got one over on @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen) once before.  So definitely, for @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen), that advice hits close to the chest.  No guns.  Not this time.  @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen) stakes out the area.  Hides in the shadows.  @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen) see's @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour) running hurriedly down the street.  @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen) takes one last look at the triple barrel sawed-off shotgun in their sling.  Certainly safer.  No.  It's time for revenge.  @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen) ducks out of the corner, an electrically charged knife in a firm grip.  @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour) doesn't even skip a beat, slicing downward with a chainsaw that @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen) did not see before.  @peepso_user_139(Jeff Colen) takes a long horrified look at their severed limb on the ground, still clutching the knife, and then once more up to see @peepso_user_140(Mercer Pompadour) escaping with the package still in tow far down the road.  Don't worry.  The Intergalactic Postal Service has excellent health coverage for limb replacement.
19:55:40: Package delivered by Mercer Pompadour for $60,000