04:26:37: Package picked up by Tharg The Mighty
04:26:38: @peepso_user_134(Tharg The Mighty) was running at break-neck speed and rounded a blind corner, stumbling upon a laser trip mine placed by @peepso_user_9(Mac Nielson).  Luckily, @peepso_user_134(Tharg The Mighty) vaulted over it, only severing one foot.  @peepso_user_134(Tharg The Mighty) resumes delivery with package in tow, albeit slightly hobbling.
05:14:32: @peepso_user_9(Mac Nielson) stumbles into their own trap:  a hole dug in the ground full of Ixyotik Death Wasps meant to ensure @peepso_user_134(Tharg The Mighty)'s destruction.  Instead @peepso_user_134(Tharg The Mighty) resumes on their way, @peepso_user_9(Mac Nielson)'s agonizing screams ringing in their ears.
05:39:47: Package delivered by Tharg The Mighty for $40,000