16:59:04: Package picked up by Leroy Palestine
16:59:05: Ignoracious Buttafucco tried to sneak on board Leroy Palestine's ship but a security robot detected and repelled the attempt.  Leroy Palestine continues their delivery.
17:00:27: Leroy Palestine is on a roll, carving a violent swathe through everything in their path when they enter a crossroads.  Dangerous territory.  A field of Space Bastards, but Leroy Palestine smiles.  Winners aren't born; they're built.  Leroy Palestine lets loose a volley of grenades while igniting their rocket boots, soaring over the carnage below.  One failed attempt.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Each attempted theft of the package raises Leroy Palestine's adrenaline.  Blaylock Samson fires a wrist mounted laser, signing the hip of Leroy Palestine.  "Not today, my friend."  Leroy Palestine twists in mid-air and strafes the area with bullets, hitting Blaylock Samson four times square in the torso and then resumes delivery.
17:39:53: Feisty Gazebo stumbles into their own trap:  a hole dug in the ground full of Ixyotik Death Wasps meant to ensure Leroy Palestine's destruction.  Instead Leroy Palestine resumes on their way, Feisty Gazebo's agonizing screams ringing in their ears.
17:40:07: The wonderful thing about lasers, although expensive, is their ability to slice entirely through a surface and sever.  Leroy Palestine rounds a corner and only has a split second to see a blinding red light, before being decapitated by a slicingly accurate laser blast from Feisty Gazebo.  The package rolls to their feet.  "Parcel transferred."  Feisty Gazebo resumes delivery of the stolen package.
17:59:48: Package delivered by Feisty Gazebo for $80,000