11:39:02: Package picked up by Feisty Gazebo
11:39:03: Ignoracious Buttafucco misses their double-fisted pistol shots.   A sad attempt involving a total of 24 rounds fired at Feisty Gazebo.  Feisty Gazebo resumes delivery of their package.
12:06:49: Mac Nielson misses their double-fisted pistol shots.   A sad attempt involving a total of 24 rounds fired at Feisty Gazebo.  Feisty Gazebo resumes delivery of their package.
12:06:56: Someone once told Column McClowed the best way to handle this job is like it's personal.  Not business.  Feisty Gazebo got one over on Column McClowed once before.  So definitely, for Column McClowed, that advice hits close to the chest.  No guns.  Not this time.  Column McClowed stakes out the area.  Hides in the shadows.  Column McClowed see's Feisty Gazebo running hurriedly down the street.  Column McClowed takes one last look at the triple barrel sawed-off shotgun in their sling.  Certainly safer.  No.  It's time for revenge.  Column McClowed ducks out of the corner, an electrically charged knife in a firm grip.  Feisty Gazebo doesn't even skip a beat, slicing downward with a chainsaw that Column McClowed did not see before.  Column McClowed takes a long horrified look at their severed limb on the ground, still clutching the knife, and then once more up to see Feisty Gazebo escaping with the package still in tow far down the road.  Don't worry.  The Intergalactic Postal Service has excellent health coverage for limb replacement.
12:07:44: Column McClowed shot a missile at Feisty Gazebo and obliterated their ship. All that was left was the package which was picked up and continued its journey with Column McClowed.
12:22:14: Feisty Gazebo bludgeons Column McClowed unconscious with a large metal crowbar, laughing and dancing over their bloody mangled body.  "Parcel transferred."
12:26:56: The delivery point only has one way in, about a hundred yards away from a gated entry.  Column McClowed has taken the precaution of wrapping that entire entry-way with barbed wire.  The only issue with barbed wire in this day and age is that once spotted, it can be avoided.  Feisty Gazebo ignites their rocket boots, attempting to vault over the death trap.  Feisty Gazebo almost makes it, but is caught on their ankles, immediately becoming a tangled bloody mess in Column McClowed's trap. Frantic, Feisty Gazebo activates their shield generator which creates a kinetic field of energy around their body, and it successfully severs most of the barbed wire.  Limping, Feisty Gazebo hustles towards the remainder of the delivery path, lobbing grenades over their shoulder.  As Column McClowed manically runs after Feisty Gazebo firing rounds in their direction, they are caught in one of Feisty Gazebo's grenades, losing a leg.  Feisty Gazebo continues, hobbling, towards the delivery point.
12:27:50: Column McClowed is impaled on a lengthy spear with a laser tip by Feisty Gazebo after a failed package theft attempt.  Feisty Gazebo resumes on their way.
12:27:59: As Feisty Gazebo rounds a corner, they are distracted for more than a split second by a hastily posted cardboard cut-out of a Zyxxan Hound fornicating with a famous human politician from centuries before.  This momentarily lapse in focus is all Column McClowed needs in order to slam a large whirring chainsaw into the chest of Feisty Gazebo.  "Parcel transferred."
12:52:07: Package delivered by Column McClowed for $160,000