00:29:15: Package picked up by Calto Fremis
00:29:16: Ignoracious Buttafucco tried to sneak on board Calto Fremis's ship but a security robot detected and repelled the attempt.  Calto Fremis continues their delivery.
01:22:47: Today started as a uniquely bright one for Sable Nyx.  A wonderful breakfast.  "Have a great day at the service," and a kiss from their lover.  Sable Nyx mused, "Why ruin a good thing?  I'll steal a package instead of being the idiot that always starts a delivery."  Sable Nyx took their time, looking at the myriad of packages currently traversing the universe as well as the armaments at their disposal.  "Ah, that's the one.  I'm here already."  Sable Nyx put on their favorite guilty pleasure of a song on an audio device, and hummed along, out of tune, as they laid down a multi-celled rocket launcher in the middle of the street on a hefty tripod.  Sable Nyx crouched a fair distance away, readying their goggles and watching for Calto Fremis to come running down the road, package in tow.  "I know this one.  Never been able to handle their Zygerian Rum.  They won't be able to handle this either."  Calto Fremis came into view.  Sable Nyx pushed the hand-held trigger mechanism.  Suddenly, the rocket launcher whirled on it's pivot, pointing at the abode Sable Nyx had just left.  "What?  How?"  As the rockets burnt the denizens inside to a crisp, Sable Nyx barely heard Calto Fremis running by shouting, "Always pack a signal disrupter, dickhead!"  Calto Fremis continued on without breaking a step, the package remaining in tow.
01:22:50: Calto Fremis is riddled with repetitive machine gun fire from Sable Nyx, falling to their knees and letting the package slip from their fingers.  "Parcel transferred."  Sable Nyx resumes delivery with the package.
01:29:17: Package delivered by Sable Nyx for $60,000