21:01:05: Package picked up by Shadowrabbit Clayguy
21:01:06: There are automatic rifles and there are these.  The GZNKA tank killer is surprisingly light as @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) hefts it on their shoulder.  The rounds are known to puncture holes two feet wide through heavy ship armor, and are held in a backpack and fed via sling.  It is this reason alone that @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) has used it, targeting @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy)'s ship as it races across the horizon.  However, @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy)'s ship is not only retrofitted with two meter thick armor, but also an electronic shielding system.  @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco)'s rounds do find their way through the shields, but only make it one foot into the armor.  @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) dips their ship, skirting past @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) and giving them third degree thruster burns across half of their body.
21:03:30: @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) was feeling THAT feeling.  The feeling of the win just over the horizon.  A smile crept across @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy)'s face, thinking of exactly what they would use these credits to purchase, when @peepso_user_295(Wulfrien Helgial) launched an electrified bola at their feet.  @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy) can't quite internalize that the most painful step is also the most confident, as a dart is lodged into their neck before @peepso_user_322(Shadowrabbit Clayguy)'s head even hits the ground, bringing on many hours of sleep.  @peepso_user_295(Wulfrien Helgial) smiles as their delivery bracelet emits the familiar "Parcel transferred" message.
22:00:55: @peepso_user_8(Ignoracious Buttafucco) misses their double-fisted pistol shots.   A sad attempt involving a total of 24 rounds fired at @peepso_user_295(Wulfrien Helgial).  @peepso_user_295(Wulfrien Helgial) resumes delivery of their package.
22:01:37: Package delivered by Wulfrien Helgial for $60,000