07:59:41: Package picked up by Leroy Palestine
07:59:42: Leroy Palestine is on a roll, carving a violent swathe through everything in their path when they enter a crossroads.  Dangerous territory.  A field of Space Bastards, but Leroy Palestine smiles.  Winners aren't born; they're built.  Leroy Palestine lets loose a volley of grenades while igniting their rocket boots, soaring over the carnage below.  One failed attempt.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Each attempted theft of the package raises Leroy Palestine's adrenaline.  Ignoracious Buttafucco fires a wrist mounted laser, signing the hip of Leroy Palestine.  "Not today, my friend."  Leroy Palestine twists in mid-air and strafes the area with bullets, hitting Ignoracious Buttafucco four times square in the torso and then resumes delivery.
10:06:12: Feisty Gazebo steadily took aim from a second story window as Leroy Palestine ran by below.  Sweat dotting their forehead, Feisty Gazebo inhaled sharply and squeezed the trigger.  It was a miss.  Leroy Palestine resumes delivery, trying to ignore the echoing rifle shot and fragments of wall exploding just overhead.
10:06:24: Leroy Palestine took a shortcut due to a fake sign placed by Feisty Gazebo, tripping over a portable road spike, and then landing in a field of Guruvian Nesters, an exotic species known for their sexual appetite.  Feisty Gazebo currently has the package.
11:59:46: Package delivered by Feisty Gazebo for $60,000