20:00:23: Package picked up by L.R. Snipestress
20:00:24: Someone once told Mac Nielson the best way to handle this job is like it's personal.  Not business.  L.R. Snipestress got one over on Mac Nielson once before.  So definitely, for Mac Nielson, that advice hits close to the chest.  No guns.  Not this time.  Mac Nielson stakes out the area.  Hides in the shadows.  Mac Nielson see's L.R. Snipestress running hurriedly down the street.  Mac Nielson takes one last look at the triple barrel sawed-off shotgun in their sling.  Certainly safer.  No.  It's time for revenge.  Mac Nielson ducks out of the corner, an electrically charged knife in a firm grip.  L.R. Snipestress doesn't even skip a beat, slicing downward with a chainsaw that Mac Nielson did not see before.  Mac Nielson takes a long horrified look at their severed limb on the ground, still clutching the knife, and then once more up to see L.R. Snipestress escaping with the package still in tow far down the road.  Don't worry.  The Intergalactic Postal Service has excellent health coverage for limb replacement.
20:18:51: Calto Fremis tried to sneak on board L.R. Snipestress's ship but a security robot detected and repelled the attempt.  L.R. Snipestress continues their delivery.
20:18:57: The wonderful thing about lasers, although expensive, is their ability to slice entirely through a surface and sever.  L.R. Snipestress rounds a corner and only has a split second to see a blinding red light, before being decapitated by a slicingly accurate laser blast from Calto Fremis.  The package rolls to their feet.  "Parcel transferred."  Calto Fremis resumes delivery of the stolen package.
20:30:59: L.R. Snipestress fires two pistol shots at Calto Fremis's kneecaps, dropping them to their knees.  "Parcel transferred."
21:19:49: Package delivered by L.R. Snipestress for $80,000