18:31:37: Package picked up by Buckaroo Banzai
18:31:38: Buckaroo Banzai was running at break-neck speed and rounded a blind corner, stumbling upon a laser trip mine placed by Blaylock Samson.  Luckily, Buckaroo Banzai vaulted over it, only severing one foot.  Buckaroo Banzai resumes delivery with package in tow, albeit slightly hobbling.
18:37:30: Buckaroo Banzai took a shortcut due to a fake sign placed by Leroy Palestine, tripping over a portable road spike, and then landing in a field of Guruvian Nesters, an exotic species known for their sexual appetite.  Leroy Palestine currently has the package.
19:29:03: Leroy Palestine is riddled with repetitive machine gun fire from Buckaroo Banzai, falling to their knees and letting the package slip from their fingers.  "Parcel transferred."  Buckaroo Banzai resumes delivery with the package.
19:31:08: Leroy Palestine tried to sneak on board Buckaroo Banzai's ship but a security robot detected and repelled the attempt.  Buckaroo Banzai continues their delivery.
19:31:14: Buckaroo Banzai has been sucked into a portable black hole shot from Leroy Palestine's MSK-8500 rifle, not only losing the package to Leroy Palestine, but flung to unknown reaches of the universe.  "Parcel transferred."
19:31:24: Today started as a uniquely bright one for Buckaroo Banzai.  A wonderful breakfast.  "Have a great day at the service," and a kiss from their lover.  Buckaroo Banzai mused, "Why ruin a good thing?  I'll steal a package instead of being the idiot that always starts a delivery."  Buckaroo Banzai took their time, looking at the myriad of packages currently traversing the universe as well as the armaments at their disposal.  "Ah, that's the one.  I'm here already."  Buckaroo Banzai put on their favorite guilty pleasure of a song on an audio device, and hummed along, out of tune, as they laid down a multi-celled rocket launcher in the middle of the street on a hefty tripod.  Buckaroo Banzai crouched a fair distance away, readying their goggles and watching for Leroy Palestine to come running down the road, package in tow.  "I know this one.  Never been able to handle their Zygerian Rum.  They won't be able to handle this either."  Leroy Palestine came into view.  Buckaroo Banzai pushed the hand-held trigger mechanism.  Suddenly, the rocket launcher whirled on it's pivot, pointing at the abode Buckaroo Banzai had just left.  "What?  How?"  As the rockets burnt the denizens inside to a crisp, Buckaroo Banzai barely heard Leroy Palestine running by shouting, "Always pack a signal disrupter, dickhead!"  Leroy Palestine continued on without breaking a step, the package remaining in tow.
19:31:34: Leroy Palestine was feeling THAT feeling.  The feeling of the win just over the horizon.  A smile crept across Leroy Palestine's face, thinking of exactly what they would use these credits to purchase, when Buckaroo Banzai launched an electrified bola at their feet.  Leroy Palestine can't quite internalize that the most painful step is also the most confident, as a dart is lodged into their neck before Leroy Palestine's head even hits the ground, bringing on many hours of sleep.  Buckaroo Banzai smiles as their delivery bracelet emits the familiar "Parcel transferred" message.
19:31:37: Package delivered by Buckaroo Banzai for $140,000