22:22:57: Package picked up by Calto Fremis
22:22:58: Someone once told Blaylock Samson that the best way to handle this job is if you keep it strictly business.  Not personal.  Do not concern yourself with revenge.  Blaylock Samson knows Calto Fremis has stolen one too many packages from them before, but brushes the sweat from their brow, banishing that memory.  The heaviness of the EK40 surface to air missile launcher is starting to wear on Blaylock Samson but the time is almost here.  Calto Fremis's ship comes over the horizon.  There it is. Blaylock Samson's finger closes around the trigger loosely, causing the launcher to commence lock-on.  A small repetitive beep turns into a single tone, signaling the moment for action.  Blaylock Samson is surprised however as the rocket launches behind them instead of in front due to user error.  This mistake would sting Blaylock Samson the most, if not for the tower of rocket fuel they have chosen as their location.  Calto Fremis's ship rolls successfully by the towering pyre of incinerating flame, package still in tow.
22:28:07: Calto Fremis was feeling THAT feeling.  The feeling of the win just over the horizon.  A smile crept across Calto Fremis's face, thinking of exactly what they would use these credits to purchase, when Sonny Bill Spider launched an electrified bola at their feet.  Calto Fremis can't quite internalize that the most painful step is also the most confident, as a dart is lodged into their neck before Calto Fremis's head even hits the ground, bringing on many hours of sleep.  Sonny Bill Spider smiles as their delivery bracelet emits the familiar "Parcel transferred" message.
23:00:44: Blaylock Samson is impaled on a lengthy spear with a laser tip by Sonny Bill Spider after a failed package theft attempt.  Sonny Bill Spider resumes on their way.
23:35:55: Sonny Bill Spider has been sucked into a portable black hole shot from Calto Fremis's MSK-8500 rifle, not only losing the package to Calto Fremis, but flung to unknown reaches of the universe.  "Parcel transferred."
06:03:16: The delivery point only has one way in, about a hundred yards away from a gated entry.  Sonny Bill Spider has taken the precaution of wrapping that entire entry-way with barbed wire.  The only issue with barbed wire in this day and age is that once spotted, it can be avoided.  Calto Fremis ignites their rocket boots, attempting to vault over the death trap.  Calto Fremis almost makes it, but is caught on their ankles, immediately becoming a tangled bloody mess in Sonny Bill Spider's trap. Frantic, Calto Fremis activates their shield generator which creates a kinetic field of energy around their body, and it successfully severs most of the barbed wire.  Limping, Calto Fremis hustles towards the remainder of the delivery path, lobbing grenades over their shoulder.  As Sonny Bill Spider manically runs after Calto Fremis firing rounds in their direction, they are caught in one of Calto Fremis's grenades, losing a leg.  Calto Fremis continues, hobbling, towards the delivery point.
06:03:23: Calto Fremis is on a roll, carving a violent swathe through everything in their path when they enter a crossroads.  Dangerous territory.  A field of Space Bastards, but Calto Fremis smiles.  Winners aren't born; they're built.  Calto Fremis lets loose a volley of grenades while igniting their rocket boots, soaring over the carnage below.  One failed attempt.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Each attempted theft of the package raises Calto Fremis's adrenaline.  Sonny Bill Spider fires a wrist mounted laser, signing the hip of Calto Fremis.  "Not today, my friend."  Calto Fremis twists in mid-air and strafes the area with bullets, hitting Sonny Bill Spider four times square in the torso and then resumes delivery.
06:03:30: Calto Fremis has been sucked into a portable black hole shot from Sonny Bill Spider's MSK-8500 rifle, not only losing the package to Sonny Bill Spider, but flung to unknown reaches of the universe.  "Parcel transferred."
06:23:20: Package delivered by Sonny Bill Spider for $140,000