05:54:20: Package picked up by Roy Sharpton (eric)
05:54:21: Blaylock Samson (npc1) tried to sneak on board Roy Sharpton (eric)'s ship but a security robot detected and repelled the attempt.  Roy Sharpton (eric) continues their delivery.
06:16:49: The smell of Roy Sharpton (eric)'s completely immolated ship flares up Jack Loveless (epicavenger)'s nostrils as a tow cable yanks the package from the flaming wreck.  "Parcel transferred" emit's from Jack Loveless (epicavenger)'s bracelet, signaling more credits to be made.  Jack Loveless (epicavenger) continues towards the delivery point, package in tow.
06:18:22: Jack Loveless (epicavenger) was feeling THAT feeling.  The feeling of the win just over the horizon.  A smile crept across Jack Loveless (epicavenger)'s face, thinking of exactly what they would use these credits to purchase, when Roy Sharpton (eric) launched an electrified bola at their feet.  Jack Loveless (epicavenger) can't quite internalize that the most painful step is also the most confident, as a dart is lodged into their neck before Jack Loveless (epicavenger)'s head even hits the ground, bringing on many hours of sleep.  Roy Sharpton (eric) smiles as their delivery bracelet emits the familiar "Parcel transferred" message.
06:33:53: Daggwood Bronson (daggwood) shot a missile at Roy Sharpton (eric) and obliterated their ship. All that was left was the package which was picked up and continued its journey with Daggwood Bronson (daggwood).
06:52:18: Roy Sharpton (eric) steadily took aim from a second story window as Daggwood Bronson (daggwood) ran by below.  Sweat dotting their forehead, Roy Sharpton (eric) inhaled sharply and squeezed the trigger.  It was a miss.  Daggwood Bronson (daggwood) resumes delivery, trying to ignore the echoing rifle shot and fragments of wall exploding just overhead.
06:54:30: Package delivered by Daggwood Bronson for $100,000