05:50:57: Package picked up by Illiaen Abraxas
05:50:58: Mac Nielson steadily took aim from a second story window as Illiaen Abraxas ran by below.  Sweat dotting their forehead, Mac Nielson inhaled sharply and squeezed the trigger.  It was a miss.  Illiaen Abraxas resumes delivery, trying to ignore the echoing rifle shot and fragments of wall exploding just overhead.
06:42:29: Illiaen Abraxas is bloody from head to toe after a rough number of successful entanglements.  "Geronimo, fuckstick!"  They look up at the voice and see a a dot in the sky.  It quickly turns into two dots:  a sky born Leroy Palestine on a rocket powered hang-glider, and the portable thermonuclear device they've dropped.  "Parcel transferred," can be heard from dispatch as Leroy Palestine swoops past the mangled corpse and snags the package.
06:50:58: Package delivered by Leroy Palestine for $40,000