00:08:00: Package picked up by Sonny Bill Spider
00:08:01: Mac Nielson misses their double-fisted pistol shots.   A sad attempt involving a total of 24 rounds fired at Sonny Bill Spider.  Sonny Bill Spider resumes delivery of their package.
00:09:23: Calto Fremis successfully spears Sonny Bill Spider to a wall through their chest.  Sonny Bill Spider has time to yell, "You bastard," as Calto Fremis snags the package from the ground in front of them.  "Parcel transferred."
00:13:53: Sonny Bill Spider fires two pistol shots at Calto Fremis's kneecaps, dropping them to their knees.  "Parcel transferred."
01:00:53: Blaylock Samson tried to sneak on board Sonny Bill Spider's ship but a security robot detected and repelled the attempt.  Sonny Bill Spider continues their delivery.
01:03:42: Sonny Bill Spider is bloody from head to toe after a rough number of successful entanglements.  "Geronimo, fuckstick!"  They look up at the voice and see a a dot in the sky.  It quickly turns into two dots:  a sky born Calto Fremis on a rocket powered hang-glider, and the portable thermonuclear device they've dropped.  "Parcel transferred," can be heard from dispatch as Calto Fremis swoops past the mangled corpse and snags the package.
01:08:41: Package delivered by Calto Fremis for $100,000